The New & Exclusive Louis Vuitton Collection, for people who love pink

That monogram print is identifiable across the globe. That unmistakable LV repetition that has been cut, coloured and copied time and time again. For those who aren’t in total adoration of the brand, it’s a constant conundrum as to what is so special about Vuitton. But when you go to the workshops outside Paris and see how everything is crafted, it is pretty impressive. Added to that, it’s an easily identifiable brand, and one should realise that human instinct IS to want to be part of an exclusive club, that’s also highly recognisable so that you’re not an ‘outcast’. We all want to fit in, which is why LV is always - and will always remain to be - so successful.

From collaborations with Stephen Sprouse, to Yayoi Kusama; Takashi Murakami, Virgil Abloh and Supreme, the brand continues to evolve and flourish with ever passing annum…But now it’s time for something new. Something fresh. Something sprinkled with peony petals, dusted with bonbons and lacquered with Legally Blonde hues. This is the exclusive and rose tinted collection in collaboration with Laitmylk, designed by Darcy Bucci Chola Keverian…

And its’ with Laitmylk that Louis Vuitton now explores a fresh, pretty in pink, contemporary spin on the brand. With a collection exclusively designed by Darcy Bucci Chola Keverian of Laitmylk, this range of handbags, clutches and phone cases appeals to a modern market of feminine yet powerful individuals around the world who want accessories that show charm, but also strength.

All designs are curated by Darcy Bucci Chola Keverian of Laitmylk.


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