The Original Organic Foodbar

Getting adequate nutrition in a day as busy as ours - particularly of late in this lockdown lifestyle, where our hours are dictated by zoom calls, juggling tsunami waves of emotion, and remembering to pack a facemask to visit the grocery store... it can be profoundly difficult to nourish your body with the right vitamins and minerals so that you are functioning.

But there is an energy bar that is coming to your rescue. A fudgey, almost brownie like date packed date with destiny. It's the Organic Food Bar.

No really. THAT's what it's called.

Despite the lack of originality shall we say in the bame of the brand and product, it actually couldn't hit the nail on the head with greater efficacy. The brand is true to itself and its consumers by clearly illustrating the 100% raw, naturally abundant nutrition squished into a quaint 70g pocket sized pal to munch on whenever you need a boost!

The bar we are focusing on with the most lust is the PROTEIN edition. Originating from the big old U S of A, the protein bar is filled with minimal ingredients for optimum body benefits: Brown Rice Protein* 27%, Tapioca syrup*, Dates*, Almonds* 17%, Raisins*, Flax sprouts*, Sesame seeds*. *=Organic Farming

For those unfamiliar with the benwfits of brown rice protein powder above the highly processed and digestively disasterous likes of whey powder, allow me to enlighten you...

  • 100% vegan and vegetarian.

  • Hypo allergenic

  • Easily Digestible

  • Aids in faster muscle recovery

  • Burns fat

  • Has a smooth texture

  • A natural vanilla malty taste

A further reason to fall head over tastebuds in love with this brand is on the premise of which it has been born... and how it continues to evolve upom its strong core values. The director and founder of the brand Dr. Jack J. Singh, N.D., H.M.D

Indian born Jack J. Singh, N.D., H.M.D. is a board certified naturopathic physician, homeopathic medical doctor and expert nutritionist with over thirty years of experience. It is with his breadth of research and medical involvement that he was able to combine two worlds of nutrition and deliciousness, so that people can start to make more informed and sensible decisions about how they eat.

In the words of Dr Singh himself when asked about why Organic food Bar exists and what fuels his fire to keep the brand alive, he has this to say:

“I believe children are our future and that is one reason why I believe so deeply in sustainability and organics. We must make our planet healthier and cleaner for ourselves and for our most precious assets: our children. That is what I have dedicated my life to.”

Whether you want to try a fudge like bar, or perhaps a chocolate coated one... maybe a coconut shaven delight, or a super mean green machine without the greeny taste, Organic Food Bar is the brand to gravitate.

With Organic Food Bar in your pocket, you won't just levitate from the tongue tantalising delight...

But will elevate to a whole new level of bodily and environmental wellness.


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