The Pattern Queen, Cassie Byrnes

Texture and pattern is everywhere around us. Colours hypnotise the senses through the clothes we wear, the paint we choose to lick our walls with, the decor we place lovingly and strategically in our homes; even on the packaging from food and drink items we buy in grocery stores.

But how often is it that you see a textile design, or a pattern, and think: “I know that work - that’s the design of so-and-so”.

Not often. And that’s where Cassie Byrnes comes into the equation.

Cassie Byrnes, a kooky and gorgeous girl from Down Under where Summer is Winter and Winter is Summer, who graduated from RMIT University in 2014 with a BA in Textile Design. Her work is unparalleled. It’s colourful. Bold. Geometric and curvaceous in unison. Dotted, striped; heartfelt and floral. With a significant digital element to her compositions, there’s something utterly unique and beguiling about Byrnes and her abundance of prints.

What’s most impressive about Byrnes is not just her work itself, but the alumni of brands she has worked with. From Anthropologie and Haagen Dazs, to Penguin Books; Microsoft and Nike to Frankie Magazine. She’s on a rollercoaster ride to eternal success, that is ever flourishing and evolving. Think of her as the human embodiment of the golden egg from Jack and The Beanstalk: she’s rare. She’s one of a kind. And she’s not easy to find.

From the About section of her gorgeous website which you can find here, Cassie details how she grew up in a small and tropical town in North Queensland, which sounds magical. “Surrounded by sugar cane” where she “probably spent way too much time in the sun”. This undoubtedly would influence anyone’s walks and ways of life - especially that of an artist.

Let this inspire you to bring pattern and colour into your life.

Don't fear the bold. Be brave. Be stripy. Be dotty. Be dashy. Be blocky.

Love forever and always: BUCCI


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