The Prettiest Easter Eggs of 2021

Has it ever crossed your mind as to why we give one another chocolate shaped eggs at Easter time? A relatively new tradition, we have the French and German confectionery connoisseurs to thank from the 19th century for conceptualising such a delight; with the purple John Cadbury man himself making the FIRST chocolate "egg" in 1842, which only took to consumer shelves some 33 years later in 1875.

Symbolically, the egg in all its various forms represents rebirth and fertility for many centuries. Long before Christianity was introduced, eggs were painted with bright colours to celebrate the sunlight of spring.

You won't be unfamiliar either I'm sure to the art and wonder of colouring Easter eggs with dye and lavishly decorating them - an activity both adult and child alike can enjoy! In Greece, crimson-coloured Easter eggs are exchanged, whereas in Eastern Europe and Russia silver and gold decorations are common, and Austrian Easter eggs often have plant and fern designs.

And then of course there is the true luxury of the Fabergé egg, being one of the oldest and most prestigious jewellery brands, comprising of jewelled eggs typically embalmed in gold, diamonds, precious gems and beyond. It came to be during the Russian Empire in Saint Petersburg, and are still made today in just as meticulous and rare a manner as their regal beginnings.

Now with a bit of egg history under your belt, I'm certain you wish to fast forward to the still pending-odd-existence-what-is-my-life era of 2021.Behold, Chris Tucker demonstrating all of our sentiments towards COVID and this very weary pandemic:

Pandemic or not, brands are emerging from their chocoltier coves and candy caves to bring us a spectacle of ornate and creative chocolate eggs for this season, and LAITMYLK is whittling down the top ten! 🌟