The Prettiest Olive Oil You Ever Did See

Olive oil, how I adore thee. Mi amore, you are so sublime. With a drizzle, a salad undergoes a metamorphosis from a plain Norma Jean Brown to Marilyn Monroe. A splash, and a hunk of meat becomes a lusciously tender joint to share with loved ones around a dinner table. Vegetables grow from flavour lacking to flavourful. And even our skin begins to glow like the sun during that infamous "golden hour" thanks to the abundance of nourishing Vitamin E wrapped, tucked and rolled into every cell of the humble olive.

My dream? To one day live in Italy, with properties ranging from the curious tree covered hillsides of Tuscany, to the aquatic azure waters of the Amalfi Coast. Though... hm, Puglia will probably be my home. I feel so drawn to it. What's that word where you lust and are homesick for somewhere you've never been before?... Fernweh. That's it.

Anyway. Wherever I shall go, olive trees must follow suit. Or better still: several bottles of Frantoio Muraglia olive oil.

Not only is their oil exceptional in taste, aroma and texture, but the visual splendour of each bottle is a work of art in itself. Hand painted with pastel rainbow hues, the ceramic jars corked and awaiting for you to open stand as spectacles of delight in the kitchen. And when emptied, don't even think of throwing them away. They are treasures to be kept as decoration - part of the incentive I should imagine of such a luxurious brand.

They don't just stop at oils though, oh no. With a selection of plates and bowls, your culinary ware can be transformed into a beautiful spectrum of dusted rainbows, bringing eternal happiness and summer vibes amidst your cooking adventures.

Historically, the brand is as rich as the flavour of its oils. The man himself, Frantoio Muraglia, was born in Andria, capital of the Apulia oil region, but the patriarch tk which the brand owes its existence to really boils down to the coratina olive tree, coming to plantation some 450 years ago bow. It is from this tree that 538 classified Italian varieties of olive oil can exist, thus, the King of all olive trees.

From this verde agricultural giant, its spectators and farmers have harvested a promise to preserve the biodiversity the tree and its landscape; m to protect the plants of strategic importance for their supply, and to nurture it to remain robust as we feed from its branches.

The olives, to this very day, are still hand-picked and then taken to the traditional coldpress using ancient stone. Their goal is simple: to make the finest Italian extra virgin oil, absolutely without compromise.

And that is why Frantoio Muraglia is the optimum and ultimate choice. Mille grazie!