The Solar Self - A New Therapy Model for Recovery

THE SOLAR SELF ™️ is a new therapy model created by Darcy Bucci Keverian, based on concepts of positive psychology and The Strengths Model. The strengths-based approach aligns itself with the notion of mental health recovery by focusing on person's ability, helping them developing the confidence to embark on the journey of recovery and aiding them to progress towards mental health recovery - rather than focus on their current diagnosis, problems and inabilities. THE SOLAR SELF ™️ is designed to be a very simple and easy to follow plan that can be continually revised and returned to during the patients recovery journey, similarly to the existing Crisis Plan implemented in many mental health institutions across the world. A crisis plan aims to highlight the patients weaknesses, recognising when they need help, signs / symptoms of relapse and so on… however, this approach is dominantly negative, thus I believe that THE SOLAR SELF ™️ will provide a far more positive trajectory in terms of recovery.

THE SOLAR SELF ™️ is based on the planets of our solar system, astrologically taking thought of what each planet represents, such as growth, relationships, communication, education and so on. To discover the model in action, with examples, and with printable options, continue through the slides of my presentation and let us begin a positive psychiatric approach to mental health diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and prevention.


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