The Style of Shawanda Corbett

I am constantly hungry to discover new artists. I have an insatiable palette for the weird, the wonderful, the wacky; ceramics paintings, illustrations, sculpture and photography… Anything that is a form of human expression endeavouring to tell a story to inspire and intertwine worlds of diverse thought is where you will always find me in my day to day existence.

Lately however, I will not deny that I've seen a substantial lacking in new and inspirational artists, particularly born n bred Londoners. Perhaps it is the looming cloud of lockdown and coronavirus that is simply prohibiting us from freedom of expression to the highest points of our liberty that we previously used to live by, without even realising it.

Thankfully this change rather swiftly whilst sitting in my office with mother Google specifically looking up inspirational young black female artists. And I discovered with little disappointment the ceramicist, painter and performance artist of Shawanda Corbett.

Like a tidal wave, she moves like the ocean from points of performance artistry in the form of enacting mental emotion, music and design of the body. She is working to translate the design of the body into the curvature of painted ceramics, emulating the female physique with each round bottomed pot.

Despite already being in the public eye, she hasn't taken a back seat and reclined into a sun lounger under a burning orange orb in the sky with a piña colada in her hand. No. She is a woman who fights furiously for her art, and continues with her intellect to educate herself beyond all means that any other artist may prompt them selves to do without a societal push.

Currently she is studying for her doctoral degree in Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Art and Wadham College, University of Oxford. Her practice-led DPhil focuses on the relationship between differently-abled body and abled body as cyborgs, which in a time and age of technological advancement and medical uncertainty is a poignant topic to bestow unto the general public indeed.

Taking inspiration from Shawanda's work I have decided to create a series of fashion illustrations that take route from her ceramics and the messages that I personally feel related during her performances. she is a wholesome woman with an even more wholehearted heart that is clearly ready to burst and lusciously coat the public eye so that we two are inspired and contemplate truth from fallacy and beauty from what is typically depicted as ugly.

in the words of mean girls you go glen Coco

and in the words of lil Bucci...

don't you dare ever think of stopping.


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