The Wonderland of Charlotte Taylor

Explore the three dimensional renders crafted under interior desiger and creative director Charlotte Taylor, founder of Maison de Sable - exclusively on LAITMYLK

Unbeknown to most, as a young girl, I was a gamer. Simulations, Rainbow Roads, Princesses who couldn't help being kidnapped by bulbous spiky shelled dinosaurs, and Animal Crossing worlds where one's biggest concern was how many cherries I could shake from a tree without a bumble bee hive hitting my head.

But above all these games... the one that shaped my interests and dare I say awareness of life as it truly presents itself to be: is Sims 2.

In this game, you'd create characters, customise their personalities, get them jobs, work, play... and the funnest part? Build and design their homes: from architectural and interior standpoints. Oftentimes, I wouldn't even bother with the Sim. I'd just go and create a town, make the most professionally simulated homes imaginable and then fill the walls and rooms with furniture designed by the people at EA games for me to toy around with. It also spurred my zealousness into self-teaching myself upon how to digitally create images, render and so on... some of which you can see below!


LAITMYLK has worked with plentiful interior design projects, and whilst we have a few top secret endeavours and exhibition space shows in the works... until it is our time to shine, we will always alter our spotlight to focus on another existing talent boldly defining and shapeshifting the creative cosmos to inspire, curate and cultivate.

Charlotte Taylor is an interior designer, but not as you ordinarily come to find them. Her online presence is dominantly instagram based, feeding her 254k following with an array of CGI formulated images that make you question reality - that's how real they appear to be. Whether inspired by forestry and fantasy, or touched by the subtle fingertips of coffee toned amorous minimalist, her images make the mind dance with inspiration for ones own abode.

Shapes comely, spaces homely. She works with multiple design studios and spacial projects with the ambition - as with any designer - to create something beautiful.

Beyond interiors, Charlotte also has a print shop on her website, presenting an array of typically A2 Glicée prints she has designed by her fair hand, all of which are available for purchase. Pastel tones and rounded notes meet the eye, enrapturing the senses and captivating the artist nestled however loudly or quietly within us all.

Give her a follow on Instagram, and prepare to dive into a surreal delight where your irises shall dance, and your cerebrum will waltz... I leave you with some parting words from Charlotte herself, the artist, the dreamer, the designer... the endless spectrum of talent:


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