This is Poilâne

I am fatigued to my bread loving core of people banging on perptually about how exquisite Gail's Bakery is. Gail's Bakery is not exquisite. It is basic. It's a British spin off and mildly spiced bastardisation of literally every boulangerie bakery and pinnacle patisserie dotted around London, with a big scoop of inspiration from the Parisian lifestyle. They're breads are bof, they're savoury bakes comme ci comme ça and their confectionary?... peu importe.


Those with real knowledge will know where the dough of all dough is kneeded and served... and that is the infamous house of Poilâne.

Created in 1932 by Pierre Poilâne, this celebrated Parisian bakery has lasted decades by preserving what is best. Three Poilâne generations - Pierre, Lionel, and Apollonia - have followed in each other’s footsteps, each driven by the same purpose: to offer breads made from diverse grains and slow fermentation, prioritizing quality over quantity.

Located at 8 rue du Cherche Midi in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the original Poilâne, created in 1932, continues to be the flagship location of a bakery with international renown.

In staying true to its founding principles—making high quality bread for all—and in creatively joining the arts of living well and eating well, Poilâne has flourished, offering its savoir-faire across France and all over the world.

What's even greater is, whether lazy by nature or by default of the COVID situation, you don’t have to be in Paris or London to enjoy freshly-baked Poilâne products. With our online boutique and over-night shipping, your bread is baked, packaged, and delivered right to you. A fast delivery of fresh products is their guarantee.

With this in mind and your tastebuds now dancing with curiosity, allow me to walk you through the essential Poilâne products you simply must try, in order to truly know what an exquisite bakery really is.