Time for Cong Tri

Rarely do new fashion brands make my eye glimmer like that of sun rays kiss on a mermaids lagoon... seldom do I stop, back track, and require a moment to take in a collection because watching a runway show once was not enough.

but the spring ready to wear collection by cong tri did just that - allow me to open up the gates of wonderland into a realm of fringes and sequins and fabric draping galore...

with a palette of russet tones accented by creamy vanilla, balanced by wintry hues of grey, the collection is born. An essence of glam and 80s infused Dynasty vibes come to mind when I see the plunging necklines of sequins slip dresses, elegantly detailed by spaghetti straps... but there's something more.

Contemporary modern moody grunge babe has entered the building.

An explosion of personalities emerge from this collection, as we commence with subtly, then diffuse into feminine fringed party dresses accentuated and accessorised with oversized everything: jackets, bows and skirts.

The forecast of fashions springy and summery future this annum is to be one that puts layers on top of layers; splitting personas from morning to night. Show off some side leg with fishnet effect slits, tie up your waist with drawstrings and let's see that porcelain to mocha cocoa skin of yours honey.

We may be locked down physically...

But our physicality certainly can and never will be.


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