Time to Get Positive: Properly

The power of positivity is, some claim, contagious. When you start to think optimistically, walk out of the house with a smile on your face, and consciously make a point to see the good in light of the dark - happiness and positivity seem to follow suit. This is known as The Law of Attraction: the ability and belief that one can manifest good in their life by “asking for good”.

Let’s break this down simplistically:

You focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

Positive attracts positive.

What you want most and believe most will happen.

Sounds like poppycock, I know. But believe me when I say, more often than not, there is some element of truth and efficacy to this mindset. On the days where I wake up and concentrate on what I want, where I force myself to feel happy, where I appreciate the little things and practice gratefulness for what I have, the day is always good. Something always happens that is happy and bright - whether that comes from giving a stranger a compliment which leads to conversation creating a new connection for work quite by chance, or pushing myself to post that photo of my latest artwork “even though no ones going to see it”… but genuinely believing it’s good, and low and behold: having someone buy it that same day. The universe works in mysterious ways. And to dispute the idea that having a positive outlook on life is ever going to worsen your chances of having a good day? Now THAT is poppycock.

It’s not easy to think positively, but with practice, you can engrain it into your mind and make it a habit. On average, it takes 66 days to build a habit - but it can vary between so little as 18, to as many as 254. Positive or negative. Positive ones have a tendency to be harder for humans to engage in because we are notoriously bad at choosing what’s best for us, because we slide into the easy option. No more.

To give you a kickstarter, I’ve created some positive affirmation that you can print and stick anywhere in the home, in your notebook, make it a desktop screensaver, or simply memorise and repeat when need be.

Since making myself say at least 3 positive affirmations a day, usually repeating them like a mantra in the morning, I’ve noticed the following…

⭐️ a happier mood with a significant reduction in my depressive episodes and anxiety

⭐️ more traction AND attraction to my work, artistically and from an activists perspective

⭐️ a greater sense of purpose, self love and less feeling of not having a path

⭐️ less stress and angst surrounding ‘what I’m going to do with my life’

⭐️ more appreciation for my friends and family

⭐️ enhanced empathy and curiosity for life and others around me

Want to start improving your life?

GOOD! See our positive affirmations below, and FURTHERMORE… a print out that you can fill in can try to aim to do either everyday, or once a week, to keep track of your thoughts and their surrounding progresses.

Love always




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