Touch, Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Boujie Handcare with Bucci

Tell me my darlings, how often do you wash your hands nowadays? Take a tally, make a count... because with me, I'm honestly surprised my hands haven't shed like a boa constrictor by now the amount of water and soap they are submerged into within a 24 hour window.

But that may have something to do with the soap and the aftercare I choose to splurge on... so allow me to fill you in.

We all know that when you walk into a luxurious hotel, or a fancy five star restaurant that the bathroom is not only where the best selfies are taken, but also where you are likely to find the best hand soaps and matching hand lotions (there is a reason why they're typically bolted to the wall #SoapThieves). But have you ever considered bringing a bit of boujie into your bathroom? No? Well why not!

Though a seemingly frivolous purchase, when you consider the benefits that investing in a good hand soap-lotion duo may bring to your skin, there is more good than bad to be argued.

Here are LAITMYLK's favourite hand soap-lotion duos that are going to leave you squeaky clean, and smelling pristine.


AESOP aromatique hand wash

+ aromatique hand balm

Wrap your hands in the delicate earthy scent of Australian skincare brand Aesop’s Reverence Aromatique Hand Wash. With a careful blend of purifying citrus extracts and finely-milled Pumice, the exfoliating gel cleanser gently lifts dead skin and washes away impurities to leave labour-wearied hands velvety-soft and exceptionally supple. A delicious blend of Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf, Cedar Atlas is infused into both the handwash and cream.




RITUALS Sweet Jasmine Handwash

+ hand balm

A luxury liquid hand soap from the Floral Private Collection, designed to transform a simple household chore into a peaceful moment with exclusive scents from the Orient. Based on jasmine, the hand wash starts with a sparkling and vibrant fruity top note of fresh citrus notes and berries, leading to elegant blossoms like peony and muguet. Sandalwood adds elegance and warmth to the fragrance.





Red roses hand wash and lotion bundle

The luxurious hand wash gently cleanses the skin of impurities while imparting the delicate floral scent of the Jo Malone London Red Roses Cologne. This voluptuous blend combines seven of the world’s most exquisite Roses to convey an air of exhilarating romance. A hint of Lemon illuminates velvety petals and crushed violet leaves, for a clear and modern take on a classic floral. Glistening in gold, Honeycomb underpins the fragrance with sweet nectar notes, inviting the senses along the path of a secret garden.





Refresh hand wash and cream

With blends of Grapefruit, Bitter Orange and Lavender essential oils, these two are as as fragrant as they are natural. Our Refresh Hand Wash and Lotion will keep your hands clean and enriched, all with guaranteed sink appeal. As for the hand cream, the natural abundance of shea and cocoa butter to soothes and nourishes skin, while essential coriander oil is calming, antibacterial and can help kickstart circulation and Grapefruit oil tones the skin





Hand cream and wash duo

A nourishing duo, formulated with rich hydrating botanicals to cleanse, soften and smooth skin, leaving hands feeling soft and supple.

This duo kity by Grown Alchemist Hand Care Kit Gift Set contains a handwash infused with Orange, Cedarwood and Sage, complimented perfectly by a luxurious hand cream wrapping your skin with tones of vanilla and sweet orange peel.

HANDWASH AND CREAM available from Feel Unique



Suede hand lotion + matching handwash

BYREDO's hand care line unites pleasure and function, eloquently enhancing the most habitual of gestures with fragrance. This particular scent however speaks in olfactory volume: With top notes of bergamot, fresh lily of the valley, sweet violet... rounded out by a base of crisp amber, soft musk and velvety plum.




Jasmin des Anges

Liquid hand soap + body butter

From the words of François Demachy, the Parfumeur-Créateur of Dior, this scent was curated from the Grasse flower fields in early autumn, when the air is filled with the unmistakable floral fruity scent of jasmine petals. The jasmine flowers are harvested in this season, providing a delectable perfume similar to a floral liqueur. Composed as a tribute to late summer, Jasmin des Anges is a floral-fruity invitation with aromas of almost-candied apricots.





Oudh Accord and Gold Bundle

By far LAITMYLK's favourite. With intense hues of cinnamon leaf, wrapped in nutmeg; swirled with a heart of myrhh and black tea... rounded up with a deep oudh, wholesome vetiver and dewy honey... THIS is what luxury handcare is all about.

Much apart from it smelling utterly sumptuous, the wash is infused with flecks of 24-carat gold, accentung the Indian Assam sourced oudh perfectly. Inspired by the depths of a spiced forest, the bodycare duo promise to elevate your beautifying ritual with a seductive injection of aromatic bliss.




Great Day hand wash and lotion set

Fragranced with 100% natural fresh & zesty essential oils of wild mint & mandarin, plus 6 other essential oils. Perfect for popping by the sink for a wellbeing hit, whilst washing your hands. Now to the important part of cleansing! Optimum cleanliness is accomplished with a unique blend of seaweed and pomegranate, along with soothing aloe vera to soften skin. Nourish and hydrate with skin loving shea butter, and softening arogan and sea buckthorn oils.





Seychelles Hand and Nail Set

Like a warm Indian Ocean breeze, this much-loved soothing Seychelles scent combines evocative bergamot, bright orange and fresh coconut, with a hint of green jasmine, warming amber and buttery vanilla. Wrap yourself up in and ozonic olfactory abyss, dive into amber and vanilla pools, and soothe that skin.



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