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With summer spells looming nearer by the day after a hop scotch into Spring, it's time to swap out your rich amber, creamy vanilla and sumptuous shea scented bathroom buddies into something zestier, fruitier, and more refreshing to the senses.

Invigorate your body with LAITMYLK's selection of the BEST summer fragranced products that your bathroom cabinet is quietly whimpering out for you to buy.

Let the light in, let in summertime!


St Tropez Watermelon Scented Gradual Tanner

Nothing screams summertime greater than a slice of watermelon. And St Tropez, one of the tanning brands of the elite, has brought our fresh and fancy dreams to life with a lightweight, but tremendously moisturising gradual tanning lotion. Close your eyes and nourish your skin with this cream, and have a plus of slowly but surely building a natural looking glow to your body too! Totally streak free and absent of that all too familiar "tan" smell.


Garnier Summer Body Lotion

Another subtle tanning cream at a fraction of the price compared to St Tropez, Garnier's Summer Body cream IS summer in a bottle. A delightful creamy rounded apricot scent envelopes the body with intense moisture, whilst producing an equally apricot toned tint to the skin! It's honestly my go to moisturiser all year round... just closing my eyes with this lotion lathered on transports my senses to Bali and back again ✈️ 🏝


NIVEA Fresh Blends Apricot and Mango Shower Gel

New to the scene, this shower gel by Nivea perfectly matches Garnier's Summer Body lotion. A creamy blend of mango and apricot oils, derived with a base of plant based milks! A further gorgeous accent of this product is that it is 100% biodegradable, from manufacture to use to disposal ♻️ Yay earth! 🌍


OGX Coconut Water Shampoo

PiΓ±a colada in a shampoo bottle 🧴🍍 This shampoo combines the delicate and lightweight luxury of coconut water for bouncy refreshed hair, in coercian with a fruity pineapple scent with undertones of cantaloupe melon. Hair never smelt so good 😊 πŸ’‡β€β™€οΈ


Dirty Works Signature Salt Body Scrub

Scrubbin’ you down & butterin’ you up. A cult classic, exfoliating never felt so good. Perfect for an intense resurfacing to buff away scales and fake tan remnants this scrub is a lovely addition to your bodycare routine to reveal the soft skin waiting to be lathered and lusciously loved by your chosen body moisturiser 🌸


Super Faciliast Vitamin C+ Brighten Cleanser

This honestly smells like a candied lemon peel dipped in fresh honey spelled Greek yogurt. Drooling? Yeah, me too. But promise me you won't eat it? Ok, good. Though labelled as a cleanser, the minimal and naturally derived ingredients will cause no harm to skin if not fully rinsed off. Hyper moisturising and bursting with organic sources of vitamin C, you're gonna glow more and more with each use. Beauty just got zesty!


REVOLUTION Watermelon Face Mask

Not only does this jelly face mask look like an actual watermelon (complete with a juicy red colour and black seeds!) it SMELLS just like freshly cut watermelon. This mask, in a minimal 10 minutes, gently warms up the face when used, hydrates and restores the skins natural pH balance, making for plump n juicy skin that a watermelon would be jelly jelly jelly of.


Garnier Aloe Vera Hair Food Hair Mask

Nothing is more associated with summertime than the use of aloe in abundance. Notoriously moisturising and fresh scented, it is the literal olfactory connotation of summer. Lather and lap onto tired dry hair, comb through and leave to deeply nourish your hair follicles from the roots to the tips. Smells super fresh, like and island breeze 🌴


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