Understanding Pain in Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis and Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstructive Disease are two overlapping conditions that have a host of sypmtoms which debilitate and dramatically reduce the quality of life of those who have been diagnosed with them.

Because they are chronic, there is no cure (yet!). So those fighting these conditions everyday have to be very brave, learn and listen to their body intuitively and with rapidity; expend a lot of energy looking after themselves… and also expend excess energy trying to get those around them to understand what’s going on inside them - when you can’t see the illness itself.

That’s what this post is here for. For YOU as an outsider to learn a little more about what a friend or loved one, or even a total stranger, might be going through on the daily. Please like and share to social media to spread the awareness and recognition of #chronicillness #gastroparesis #chronicintestinalpseudoobstructivedisease and #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawarensss

Together, we can make the lives of those living with #chronicpain a little easier by practicing empathy, patience, support and kindness.

Love Bucci xx



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