Unmissable Summer 2021 London Events

The sky becomes a turquoise abyss dotted occassionally with white lace agate clouds. The sun, topaz and amber in its radiance, kisses the skin and transforms a handful of us without spf into boiled lobsters. The grass, emerald and verdantly lush, plays the role of a giant picnic blanket for the nation. And tigers eye hued sand amidst stony pebbles sink betwixt our toes for those who dare to venture with a bucket and spade down to the seaside...

This is summer 🏖

And with it so close in our grasp we can almost smell the sunscreen, it's only natural that we start - much like with Christmas, setting dates and plans for unmissable events and fun fuelled outings 🤩

LAITMYLK with Time Out London brings you the creme de la creme of in city events you simply can't afford to miss.

Let's go!


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