Urakh Siru Or: The First Ever Book Published by Darcy Bucci

Love sparks a fire that no one can deny.

Neurochemically speaking, the very simple act of simply touching another person whom we are enamoured by releases the universally acknowledged feel-good chemical dopamine and the hormone oxytocin, which binds people together.

This progression implies that intense pleasure from the sexual desire stage can lead directly to love...

So really: love is science 🧫 🧬 🧪

But sadly it is not something we can cook up in the lab and grow in a petri dish.

Nor is it an elixir we can slip into the drink of our crush to make these multitude of intense feelings be reciprocated.

Love is a two way street - one that must cross eventually at the railroads to direct us into either a horizon of sparkling butterflies and endless waves of romance, or to a dead end and the rocky crevice of a cliffs edge.

I stand at a cross roads. Yes, no. What is right, versus what is wrong. What people tell me to do, against what I want to do. Forbidden love, mirrored against a history of tumultuous tides.

It is through these poignant and often suffocating feelings of confused desire and fantasy scapes that I have felt creativity bubble and boil like a witches cauldron within... and from it an excited to announce the release of my first book.

This Spring, I will be publishing a poetry essay book that has permitted me to leech out the venom of marred memories and tasteful poison. Though I am still cocooned in a flurry of amorous wishes and seemingly hopeless fictions in my third eye... writing allows me to say how I feel, without having to say anything at all.

Stay tuned and subscribe to laitmylk.com for further announcements on my first ever book, which will be filled with poems, short essay writings, illustrations and photos.

Exciting doesn't cover the magnitude of this book. You're going to love it.

Love always... truly, always.

Darcy Bucci


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