We Only Want Only Coco

The world of packaging design is a minefield of colour and texture, marketing and meaning, sustainability and environmentalism. It intertwines culture with cravings and hopes to harness a new following with every brands release to the world... and when a label gets it right, boy, does it get it right.

Only Coco is a prime example of what good packaging, and damn fine chocolate, should embody.

Single-origin, artisan, handmade Chocolate from East Sussex... already your hooked! And why wouldn't you be from such humble beginnings. With a birthday falling in the annum of 2016, the quaint team started bustling to work, fuelled by enthusiasm, quirky creativity and the finest cocoa speckled across the globe.

Their zealous nature and committence to ensuring that anyone involved with their chocolate in their local community, within the environment and amidst their workers is paid and treated fairly, each bite of their bars becomes that bit sweeter as well. Especially when there is such a wonderfully eclectic selection of flavours to choose from!

LAITMYLK introduces you to our top eight flavours from the brand! Explore the tastes, notes and designs of this delightful company, get the scoop on where you can buy your first taste, and start you on an Only Coco adventure that will take you to... well, places only with coco!

As if that wasn't enough... there are significantly more flavours to choose from. And believe me, they get WILD. Which you can browse and buy here

C'mon, get in the swing of wanting real chocolate, with real flavours, with wholesome and hearty bean to bar expertise! We love you, Only Coco. And we're ready to get loco 😜