Welcome to The Isle of Paradise

Without fake tan, I am frosty the snowman.

No, scrap that.

Without fake tan, I am a hybrid alien birthchild of Elsa from Frozen, Draco Malfoy and The Ice Queen of Narnia who have had a sexy get together in a jacuzzi filled not with water, but with several Dulux paint cans in the shade "Jasmine White"...

Yes, that'll suffice.

In short: Bucci is pale.

Whilst I do admire the porcelain doll aesthetic, adorned and introduced initially by the curious Geisha cultures of ancient Japan, I personally like a flush n blush to my face. When I am golden like a deep fried chicken leg from a family sized KFC bucket, honey, that's when I shine.

But fake tan is notorious for making some look, how do we say this nicely... like a cheesy wotsit? A tango bottle? An Oompa Loompa? Donald Trump?! The colour orange, as gorgeous as it is, remains in a glass of Sunny D, not on my boDy.

Isle of Paradise is the island of paradise indeed that I stumbled upon, after what can be described as nothing less than a shipwreck in the stormy seas of the beauty world... lost, hopeless... a beacon of mousse, tinted drops and tanning water with the scent of tropical mint washed across me.

Peach, Green or Violet – on the Isle of Paradise, tanning is color-coded by Jules Von Hep, the founding father of this Island you're gonna want to get your passport updated for!

🏝 More about Mr Jules Von Hep 🏝

Jules is one of the world’s leading tanning experts and he’s changing attitudes in tanning, with his body positive energy, providing you with glowing, feel good skin.

As a lover of individuality, giver of glows, champion of body confidence and pioneer of feeling good, his industry experience manifesting to a grand total of 10 years has finally travelled from the luxe realm of A List celebrities, supermodels and television... to our own homes.

Something was lacking, and continues to be so, in the beauty industry. And that is the devoted manifesto of self lovery. But at Isle of Paradise, self love and body positivity IS the main law and clause of being on this island 💁🏻‍♀️

"For me Paradise isn’t a tropical island. Paradise is a state of mind. It’s the little moments in life that you may remember forever – that brunch with your friends, the first time he/she held your hand in public, that rush of blood when you hear your favourite song for the first time – for me that’s paradise, and that’s what life is all about." - Jules Von Hep

🏝 What are the products like? 🏝

I'm so glad you asked. And even if you didn't, I'ma tell you anyway.

Every product, whether opting for a dark violet mousse, or a light glow through plumpy peach, or perhaps somewhere in the middle dictated by a tealy turquoise - will meet your tanning need.

They ALL come with added benefits of skin brightening, reduction in redness, the richest most natural looking tan possible, super food ingredients such as coconut and chia seed oil.

And you know that GOD AWFUL fake tan smell?! You know, it's like a wheaty oaty aunt bessy's 1974 body cream scent?! No more. Isle of Paradise is a delightful pop of eycalyptus and peppermint inspired from the freshness of good ol' Australia.

The products come in three formats...


Created to put you in control of your glow. Simply pop a few drops in to your favourite moisturiser/serum or oil and apply. The more you drop = the more you glow. It’s super easy!


For the glow of your dreams, just add WATER. Spritz our self tanning water generously on to skin and rub in – making sure to wash hands thoroughly afterwards. It’s that easy!


Prepare to be whipped into a frenzy! A classic medium for fake tan, this mousse has been created with a guide colour which means tanning has never been simpler.



Peach colour correcting actives brighten the skin and create the perfect light, sun-kissed glow. This is ideal for anyone who is new to tanning, or paler skin tones who would prefer a lighter glow.


The green (though I prefer to say teal, far more tropical 🐠 ) colour correcting actives work to cancel red tones and give the perfect medium golden tan. This shade is their BESTSELLER - it’s universally flattering, and enhances all skin-tones.


Violet colour correcting actives give the ultimate dark bronze. This works perfectly on darker skin-tones or for anyone looking for a deeper tan. Though I'll be honest, despite being a human snowflake, I personally like to use...


Yep. There is DARKER than DARK. This formula is basically the violet range on steroids. Prepare for the fastest and fiercest tan!

It contains ultra-hydrating agave extracts, which gives a tan that’s both fast-drying and long-lasting. And packed like a triple decker sandwich with natural tanning actives, avocado, chia seed, and coconut oils for a happy, hydrated glow with no streaks, smells, or orange tones. Yaaasss queen 👑

Body Posi Book

Here's one of the defining features of the brand that truly sets them miles apart from any other in the tanning and beauty market: they have A PUBLISHED and totally PURCHASABLE book 📖! ALL ABOUT BODY POSITIVITY AND FRICKIN LOVIN' YOURSELF.

Queue McDonald's theme song, becayse I'm most certainly lovin' it.

JVH has published and produced a "Get Body Posi’ Guide, which offers practical steps to help you Own Your Glow. With mantras such as:

and with the guide itself being totally free to download, it's just a further testament of the brands nurturing and nourishing core values.

You can also stay up to date with them by following their instagram account or by subscribing to their blog, which is always posting amazingly bright and bubbly content to sparkle up your day more than a flute of Prosecco 🥂

🏝 It just gets better🏝

One final violet note, because this sh⭐️ts intense. They have a pledge. To you. To me. To anyone who decides to prep, prime and pamper their perfect body with their luxurious products... and that is:

If this doesn't make you want to set sail to the oh so unique Isle of Paradise, honey, I don't know what will.

" Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, nor do we get a second chance – so why not live this life looking and feeling our best, whatever shape or size we are, however we dress or whatever music we’re into – lets just be us. Individual, wonderful us." - JVH

Love Bucci x

Ps. Here's a before and after of your little Bucci baby with tanning 😉


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