Wellness Trends Actually Worth the Hype

Every month, magazines fawn obsessively over the next "it product" or the next "trend", whether that be for beauty, style or wellness. Which I personally deem to be rather dangerous territory. I find myself walking like a ballerina pirouetting on any ice lake, anxious that even with the given choreography of journalists, I'll suddenly fall through the ice into a splash of cold water: HA sorry love, but that was yesteryears news. THIS is the product you need THIS MONTH instead!

It's kind of cruel. Both mentally and on our piggy banks back 🐷

LAITMYLK however is something you can trust. And this month, I'm unveiling some products related to YOUR wellbeing that ARE NOT about to get flung out the window in the next quarter. In fact, these are likely to become staples of your wellness routine that will benefit you now and long into the future 🔮

I believe in helping others. Wholly and wholesomely. So without further ado... let me give ya all a darn clue... 💭