What I Eat in A Day Posts Need to Stop

Social media, particularly instagram, is inundated with that all too familiar coin of phrase ‘influencer’. Just hope on to the social media app for all of 10 minutes, and I challenge you to count how many accounts you find of someone:

🥑 Promoting a product

🥥 Promoting a fitness / diet routine

🍟 Promoting their body type / shape (also known as, let’s be honest: showing off)

This is damaging. I’m not here to be the social media police, but similarly, as someone who has a lot of friends suffering anxiety, eating disorders, body dysmorphia… or quite simply have an issue with self love: these posts are dangerous and wiggle their way into our mindsets to shift our thinking patterns from a normal intuitive lifestyle, into one of rigid routines and potential ill health - both mental and physical.

If you post on social media, YOU and you alone are responsible for

🍰 The message you are conveying

🍹 The people you influence

🥗 The after effects of your post

Look at our post on INSTAGRAM, or here as a slideshow shown below, and share to raise awareness and conscientiousness surrounding those who might be more vulnerable to negative influences on social media.

Together, we can empower those recovering, those practicing self love, and give everyone the chance to enjoy life to their fullest.

Love Bucci



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