What's the Time, Mrs Porter?

Oh to wear a watch! What does a watch symbolise when worn and adorned on a wrist? From the bedazzled and rhinestone 💎 encrusted, to the sleek boujie leather croc 🐊 straps... or the casio esque retro techno vibes 🤖 we all have a style when it comes to telling the time 🕰

The first ever wristwatch you may be surprised to learn was made for Countess Koscowicz of Hungary, by the Swiss watch manufacturer Patek Philippe in 1868. From these humble and watchful beginnings, we've jumped (literally) to some truly crazy designs... such as the Franck Muller Crazy Hours watch...

How it works?! Yes, the numbers are all jumbled up! And this watch is cleverly devised to have the hands JUMP to the correct number DOT on the hour! Marvellously crazy 🤪

Another favourite watch of mine is actually one I personally own. The timeless through the looking glass wristwatch by Louis Vuitton, which only works when worn on the body. No body movement? No dial movement. A very clever and transparent piece of petite machinery indeed... Yes, this is my watch. It is my baby. It is my most beloved possession 💛 🤩

With every season, but like fashion, times change.

Literally, in this case.

And so without further waffling (though I wouldn't say no to a stack of mapl waffles... 🍁 🧇), here are the must have luxury watches of the season:



Jaeger LeCoultre

Rendez Vous Moon Automatique

34mm medium rose gold alligator and diamond watch




Jaeger LeCoultre

Reverso One Duetto Hand Wound

18mm rose gold diamond watch




Jaeger LeCoultre

Rendez Vous Moon Serenity Automatique

36mm 18 karat rose gold alligator and diamond watch




Jaeger LeCoultre

Reverso One Duetto Small Hand Wound

21mm rose gold diamond watch




Hermès Timepieces

Rose Gold Galop d'Hermès

26mm 18 karat rose gold alligator and diamond watch




Audemars Piguet


39.5mm 18 karat frosted pink gold and opal watch





Baignoire Alongée

21mm 18 karat rose gold alligator diamond watch





Panthère de Cartier Manchette

22mm 18 karat gold and lacquer watch






24.5mm 18 karat rose gold diamond watch






29mm 18 karat diamond and gold watch


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