When Beauty Meets Interiors

Not everyone naturally couples together the concept of a beauty regime or wellness routine in accordance with the space in which you conduct the acts. The space in which you pose poised in yoga... or the room within which you decide to unwind. The temperature or shapes of items you surround yourself with when trying to decompress... the very curvature of the tub or colour of the walls influencing how effective your calmic moments will be - they all play a role.

The concept came to me when reading about Kazem Naderi's newly created oasis of calm showcasing a minimal mix of materials inside a historic cast-iron Tribeca building.

On a busy stretch of West Broadway, in New York’s well-heeled Tribeca neighbourhood, a slatted wood oasis surreptitiously stands behind the historic façade of one of the area’s many cast-iron buildings.

Inside, a fundamental mix of materials (wood, painted brick, and echoes of the cast-iron façade and industrial steel elements that have been intentionally left exposed) create a tranquil environment – certainly not what you would expect from a typical hair salon.

In Naderi’s hands, the ground floor space has been transformed into an alluringly tranquil oasis, with statuesque mirrors, fabricated from stainless steel, easily maneuvered placements, and integrated storage drawers all coming together to allow effortless styling and an all together calming experience for the individual waiting to be beautified.

So what gives? We don't all live in up state New York City in the Tribeca region. But that doesn't mean our own abodes cannot be lovingly crafted to curate a space of similar nurturing and negative-nullifying auras.

LAITMYLK has four solutions and four spacial designs, inspired by a few niche beauty products to guide us along the way... with thanks to Cult Beauty

Powered by 13 detoxifying ingredients, including green algae and herbs, HUM Nutrition's Daily Cleanse holds 60 vegan capsules that are carefully formulated to target breakout-inducing toxins, promote skin clarity, aid the normal function of normal digestion and support detoxification.

Which ingredients do these supplements owe their impressive qualities to? You ask. Chlorella (a blue-green algae) is used for its ability to bind to potentially damaging metals and remove them from your body. That's not even the half of it... Brimming with powerful nutrients that encourage blood flow, beetroot is a keen detoxing agent that helps the body to rid itself of toxins; copper and manganese minerals are believed to aid your natural collagen production; milk thistle extract is thought to restore compromised cells; dandelion leaf - an impressive source of vitamins and minerals - supports the liver and fends against toxins; renowned antioxidant alpha lipoic acid helps to maintain cell function and ward against oxidative stress, while selenium is employed to boost elasticity.

If you’ve been struggling to find your mojo when it comes to romantic encounters (whether late nights, early mornings, stress or that general, day-to-day fatigue have kicked sex off the bed-time menu), Moon Juice’s Sex Dust is a powdered blend of natural, plant-derived ingredients proven to boost your energy levels and help to recover those feel good vibes. Rich in he shou wu (commonly used in Asia to promote youthful ‘vigour’), alongside organic cacao, shilajit (renowned for its ability to support fertility), maca, organic schisandra, cistanche, epimedium and organic stevia, this has a warm, slightly bitter flavour (it’s an acquired taste but can be easily disguised) – just sprinkle on your cereal, stir through porridge or add to your morning coffee for an added ‘tszuj’.

Think of The Nue Co.’s Prebiotic + Probiotic as a modern-day multivitamin, featuring the brand’s signature blend of prebiotic inulin and probiotic complex to keep your gut as happy as possible. The probiotic used is derived from soil and delivers five billion potent vegan Bacillus Coagulans spores per capsule. These powerful spores lie dormant (so they’re shelf stable) until they are activated by the pH of your small intestine, which is exactly where you want them. This particular strain is especially effective for a flatter stomach and increased energy, but a healthier gut can affect everything from your skin, mood, cognitive function, immunity – and beyond. The prebiotic inulin is derived from artichoke tuber to work as a ‘fertiliser for the bacteria’, enhancing its potency and encouraging your microbiome to thrive, aiding digestion, stabilising blood sugar levels and feeding that oh-so important friendly bacteria in your gut.

Specialising in age-defying skin solutions, Lumity has garnered a skin-savvy cult following (including the likes of Kate Moss, Angelina Jolie, Helena Christensen and many more) who faithfully take the Day & Night Nutritional Supplements to support their bodies and skin from the inside out. A ground-breaking, powerful combination, this two-step team of high-quality omegas, minerals and vitamins, this advanced blend grants (seemingly!) endless benefits. We’re talking: firmer, youthful-looking skin; improved hair quality; stronger, glossier hair and nails; boosted energy and vitality; reduced oxidative stress and improved sleep; immune resilience and enhanced brain function. Yes please!

The morning softgels are enriched with the brand’s ‘Vita Complex’, which contains turmeric, omega 3s, vitamins and minerals to boost skin’s firmness and youthful appearance; COQ10, magnesium and vitamin C to boost energy and vitality; plus L-Cysteine to relieve oxidative stress.

The evening softgels are enriched with Lumity’s ‘Renew Complex’, which features alanine, lysine and arginine to prevent the breakdown of collagen, plus vitamins (including A, C, D and E) and minerals (including iodine, magnesium, selenium, zinc) to support overnight repair and renewal. All of these powerhouse ingredients are suspended in flaxseed oil for superior absorption, with the softgel delivery ensuring maximum bioavailability. Full of essential nutrients, Lumity supplements are free from anything your body doesn’t require, like the binders, caking agents, flavourings or colours found in other supplements.

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