When Stone Becomes Art... introducing Anany

Some say star signs and zodiacs are poppycock. But with this contemporary artist being a Libra which is the symbol of ‘le balance”, and producing art forms that are a marriage of earthy harmony and rocky equilibrium... i can’t see how zodiacs don’t play a role in our way of being.

A well-trained and virtually self-taught Anany all her life as a child in Provence, France would zealously draw and paint, before finally attending Brussels art school when she turned a fresh and budding age of 17.

Fast forward a decade and an unexpected encounter emerged... written in the stars, perhaps? Madeleine Haupert who attended the Beaux Arts school in Paris and was now an art teacher in her very midst. This is the very person who became friends with Nicolas de Staël and made him discover abstract painting, AND who was followed nurturingly by her pupil Marie Latheur, who graduated at Cambre.

Making her way between lyrical abstraction and Indian ink, Anany evolved and bloomed within the artistic spectrum of creation... allowing influences from where she came to settle in the French county of Ardèche to infiltrate her future compositions - all magnificently rich with colours of the South.

About thirty exhibitions and/or artistic events compose her success: from the biggest Apple of them all (New York City), to Deauville, Brussels and Paris - as well as in the four counties surrounding her workshop, at the confluence of rivers Ardèche and Rhône.

Influenced by the luxurious and “au naturel” scenery of that area, Anany is an artist who will let colours pervade her life and guide her creations. She takes a benevolent look at humanity, the world and the universe; utilising her art to bring her dreams into physical and visual reality... with her material of choice being stone. When asked why Stone is her selected and favoured medium... Anany responds that, it is with this material that humankind has, throughout history, left their mark, their memories, their engravings and their fingerprints.

Nothing comes between space and her, and by means of her spheres Anany tells everyone of us that we are part and parcel of the same cosmos.

In her intrinsic compositions, she will gather divine dust and crystallize matter which thus becomes “Colour in Stone". A concentrate of light in a piece of stone becomes a dazzling and dancing fresco where spirituality gets connected with our earth as well as with the cosmos. Anany looks up to that wondrous and mysterious indigo starry sky blanketing us all, allowing her mind to start mixing a palettes of mineral particles and pigments to look like gems.

Anany is unique in many respects of the word. But let me break down in simplicity why. On a billion-mile trip which goes back long before the earth came into being, long long before our epoch, traces of our times will gather in the genesis of her creations. She’s using stone from centuries ago... longer. And bringing them a new lease of life by restoration of matter, coating or colour, and sprinklings of sparkle.

Anany: the true creator of what is The Dream Stone.

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