When your child suddenly stops speaking

Though it may not always be the case, there is a rare neurological condition that causes sudden (quite literally overnight) loss of ability to speak. This is a state known as aphasia, which is a loss of or impaired ability to communicate through verbal speech - though the difference is that the brain is not 'damaged' per say, as through a motor accident or post-concussion via a fall... which only adds to the greater mystery behind the what and the how of this condition.

It typically manifests in between the ages 5 to 7 in both girls and boys, and as stated above can be sudden - or progressive over a few months until there is a total inability to speak. But all other functions remain normal. They can write. They can read. They can move, play and so on... so what's the catch? Children will also typically experience a epilepsy which can range in severity. Some episodes in children will be mild, whilst in others, debilitating and worsening with time, as a result fo continual improper and damaging electrical conductions within the neurons of the brain.

Though there is still so much to learn, this short infographic details to you the basics of the condition, the symptoms and the current treatment approaches within the medical world. My next post will be exploring investigative and hypothetical concepts about future treatments and ways in which we can unravel the mystery of Laundau Kleffner Syndrome and, better still: how to restore speech and cure it.  

Love, Bucci xx



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