Why is is Exhausting to be Happy?!

Why It's Exhausting to Be Happy πŸ’›πŸŒŸπŸ‹πŸŒ

I think a lot of us now know what it means to feel blue. Pre existing mental illness or not. COVID has frozen time, it has warped our sense of days, it's elongated minutes into hours and hours into weeks. This virus has shifted social dynamics into a realm of anti social socialising, when both the millennial and earlier generations are already shit enough at communicating as it is! Thanks iPhone.

We've all taken up new hobbies.

We've all gone for long aimless drives.

We've all circulated every aisle of the supermarket in search of new food products to add a bit of excitement into our lives.

So now what?

WHY is it EXHAUSTING to be happy?


Calories provide energy. This energy is expended cleverly by the body to allow us to engage in conscious and subconscious activities. Everything from breathing to walking up the stairs, or automatically remembering a route to take to get home and back. These same energy ingestions are used in the brain to regulate emotions, to socially interact, to communicate, and to just get on. Now, when we are sad, there is a genuine deprivation of specific brain chemicals like dopamine and seratonin.


Exercise is a perfect quick fix: it shoots out endorphins and adrenaline giving us an OOMPH and kicking dopamine and seratonin up the bum as well. But we need energy to exert in the first place to exercise, right? so if we are using DOUBLE the amount of this energy (both to exercise AND to shift our brain patterns) you are literally expending double the energy you would normally.


Food and depression come hand in hand for majority of humans. Some eat more, some eat less, and some don't eat at all. Lemme just make it crystal clear that food deprivation = a shrivelling brain and a very crappy cognitive function. The brain is made of fats. Entirely. It's a big jiggly bowl of jelly. You NEED sugars, proteins, carbs, fats and all those wonderful minerals and vitamins to stay chipper both neurologically and physically. Still though: this energy from food is portioned off to where the brain dictates it to be considered most important. Cut on your knee? Energy from Snickers bar: GO TO THAT FRICKIN KNEE AND PATCH IT UP! Feeling sad? Energy from avocado salad bowl... ENGAGE COGNITIVE REASONING AND POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS FROM MEMORY SECTOR IN THE HIPPOCAMPUS!

You get my drift.

Extra energy needed all round.

Wherever you turn.

The main point I am making here is....

Please don't be so hard on yourself.

If you find yourself mindlessly munching, it's okay.

Society has fucked with our perception of nutrition far too much and for far too long.

You are doing your damned best and EVEN IF you haven't gone anywhere today, or lifted 80kg worth of dumbbells like Dwayne The Rock Johnson... you deserve a cookie, or a burger; or a salad, or pasta - frickin everything.

Lick the spoon.

It may well make you happy.

And lord knows we all need a bit more happy.



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