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When perusing the aisles of Planet Organic, my objective is simple: discover the most curious concoction and health conscious infused product imaginable. That is precisely what this obscure glass of tropical forest honey accomplished, with a label delicately touched by golden tinted raised spot gloss as the words TURMERIC HONEY beamed from the shelves at me like a pair of tigers eyes. 

What is the buzz with turmeric, anywho? If you’re in the crowd of the “healthy people”, I’m sure you would have read about the numerous and incomparable benefits of this atomic saffron toned root from the earth that will 100% stain any clothing item that comes into contact with it. So, here is LAITMYLK’s official Turmeric Infographic to give spill the tea on this T...

Now for the piece de resistance: the product. Turmeric, coconut oil and honey are three of the most powerful anti-inflammatory and immune boosting ingredients. Wunder Workshop have combined these organically sourced superfoods and added some organic black pepper to increase turmeric's bio-availability. How I use the product is for skincare, dominantly. A quick ten minute face mask calms, levels and smoothed the complexion whilst adding a gentle golden glow (any longer than 10 minutes and I’m 99% certain I’d be Homer Simpson - you have been warned!). Bare in mind also, this 110g is super potent, so if you’re going to spread it on toast, a lil bit goes a long way! 

A bit more about the brand...

Wunder Workshop focuses on Consumption with Purpose®. This embodies every aspect of the business, from root to tip: ethically and sustainably sourcing the power of plants for the ultimate wellness rituals. The founders Zoe and Tom combine intuitive herbalism and pharmacological backrounds to create potent wellness essentials. Wunder translates to miracle, and the brand focus on plants that have a quality that can be classed as such.

You can buy your first of many turmeric honey jars here at planet organic, and be sure to follow the brand on Instagram for regular updates of products, and beyond! 


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