Latest portrait of AMAL CLOONEY using a combination of HB pencil and sharpie markers 🎨💅🏻 

Reasons why I LOVE this woman: 

🌟 as a human rights lawyer, across her fifteen year career she’s worked on many difficult, high-profile cases. One dominant reason and bias I probably have to me liking her is that in 2015 she began work on the recognition of the Armenian genocide representing Armenia in the case against Doğu Perinçek, whose 2007 conviction for genocide denial and racial discrimination was overturned in Perinçek v. Switzerland in 2013.

🌟 despite marrying #georgeclooney, fame has not changed her even remotely. She’s still very humble, work orientated and independent 

🌟 she was also a co-professor for Cleveland’s course on human rights, teaching a class on human rights litigation to students in the school’s Human Rights Clinic.

🌟 In 2016, Amal stood before the United Nations and told delegates she was “ashamed” to do so while they did nothing to help Yazidi women who had been attacked, abused and enslaved by Isis. Amal, who represents former trafficked sex slave Nadia Murad, delivered a powerful speech which basically told the entire United Nations that she was ashamed of them as a collective power 

🌟...need I go on?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ 


Amal The Wonderwoman



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